2019 Minutes

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January 28th, 2019

Two broken backflow valves were replaced. Delinquencies as of 12/31/18 were reported as $550. Various gutter cleaning projects took place in the community. A section of deteriorized sidewalk was replaced between building L & N and M & O. ongoing lightbulld replacement, garbage clean up and pool chemical testing. A vote by the board approved to replace the siding on the south elevation of building F. A vote was ratified by the board to revise the rules & Regulations. Exterior facing curtains must be white. The new budget and reserve were presented to the board. The board approved a motion to go to bi-monthly meetings.

March 25th, 2019

The electric bill was increased largely due to the damage made by comcast while trenching in the community. Some yard laps are still not fixed correctly . Several fans and dry vents in the community were found to be disconnected. New siding on the south elevation of building H was installed. There was a squirrel living in the building N attic. The squirrel was removed and the siding was replaced. The board asked management to get bids to replace the curbs along the main drive. More discussion about mailbox replacement. An installation for a mini-split was approved for unit Q2. The board approved a revise to the rules and regulations to add verbiage stating that unattended flames are not allowed I.E candles, torches etc.

April 22nd, 2019

An Owner request for an indoor cat in building T was reviewed and approved. An Owner requested review of three violations in Building D was reviewed and the board approved reducing the fines by 50%. An Owner submitted an explanation for a loud vehicle complaint from Building F, and the Board approved not proceeding with a fine against the unit providing the vehicle was repaired as promised. Disposal of cigarette butts around the perimeter of the Association was discussed.  The Board approved the purchase of buckets for the deposit of cigarette butts.  Concrete curb replacement along the main drive path was discussed and tabled until after the completion of the paving project. Lynsi asked about the cleaning of the top of carports.  Management advised that they would be able to use a portion of the pressure washing budgeted funds to clean some of the carport roofs in need. Damages to the irrigation system caused by the Comcast trenching over the winter months was discussed.  It is not known at this time the cost to repair the damages, but Management will be working towards recovery of those costs from Comcast and/or their vendor.

June 24th, 2019

Work was performed on the pool area gates to provide easier operation. Most of the parking lot received fresh re-striping. The crawlspace to unit D4 had dryer duct corrections made. Upper gutters were cleaned and gutter sponge guards were installed on building V. The bath and utility venting in the attic of unit U7 was corrected to properly vent to a roof vent. Pressure washing was completed in the A, L, Q, & R dumpster cubicles and gates. Paint touch-ups were performed around buildings S & O. Five smoking receptacles were installed and various locations around the perimeter of the property. The north mailbox bank was repaired. A water main leak was repaired in front of building C that affected buildings A, B, & C. A sensor switch was replaced in the men’s bathroom. A door mat was replaced by the manager’s office. Planters and hanging baskets were made and installed around the clubhouse. A temporary handrail was installed on the stairway between buildings P & O. The siding on the south 1 and south 2 elevation of building B was replaced and painted. A rotted entry landing at Unit T-5 was replaced. Two leaking hot water heaters were noticed and reported to the Owners in buildings O and K for repair.  Daily pool and spa reads and balancing was performed as needed. Lighting maintenance is ongoing.

August 26th, 2019

The 2019  Annual association meeting.

October 28th, 2019

Owners Forum, Financial Report, Managers Report, Old & New Business